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Hors d’oeuvre…

Prawns 19€

Lomo of Ibérico prey  17€

Ondarroa anchovies with toasted black olives and tomato  18€

First courses…

Micro greens salad on a bed of tomato, apple and creamy ham  € 19

Foie Bonbon with creamy  acidulated apple, nuts and sesame praline € 18

Mamia warm cod with liquid bonbon spring onions infused into Txakoli € 15

Grilled octopus with lemon patato, broth sweet bell peppers and mollusc polvorón € 18

Corned beef tartare and foie gras with truffled pumpkin yolk and cream ice rosemary and citron vert   € 18

Meat and Fish…

Roasted turbot with sea salad, karrakelas and honeyed rocfish juice € 28

Roastad hake with prawns emulsion, txangurro donostiarra and sautéeds quid noodles  € 27

Beef tenderloin roasted with onions, stuffed creamy Idiazabal and truffle salad sprouts € 27

Boned pigeon with red fruit fake risotto and a salty foie toffee  € 32

Iberian pork with creamy cauliflower and turmeric and liquid salad of herbs € 28

Ezkurtxerri trotters with celeriac cream, light puree and vegetables in tempura € 25


Cheese tasting with sweet apples (2 persons) € 18

Mandarin ice cream with orange gel  and lemon confit quad  € 8

Hazelnut chocolates, white chocolate ganache and  cocoa on a sand € 9

Caramelized pear puff pastry with melted meringue and vanilla ice cream € 9

Ice cream curd on mellow chestnut cream and vanilla ice cream € 10

 We recommend the desserts are requested to top commands due to procesing time.

Prices exclude VAT and half portions have increased 20%


Menu Xarma

Corned beef tartare and foie gras with truffled pumpkin yolk and cream ice rosemary and citron vert

Jowl  ezkurtxerri low temperature roasted  with artichokes, sweet quince, sprouts and honeyed cream Irati

Warm cod mamia with liquid bonbon spring onions infused in txakoli

Roasted turbot with seaweed vinaigrette, karrakelas and celeriac

Iberian pork with creamed corn, vanilla, couscous, and watercolor aromatic liquified

Mandarin Ice cream with cherries and almonds gel

Chocolates on a snowy sand, cocoa and vanilla

65 €

(Prices exclude VAT)